Saturday, March 05, 2016

The Third Pack out of 2001 Topps Stadium Club

This is the third pack out of my 2001 Topps Stadium Club box that I received for Christmas last year.  I'm opening the packs and writing the posts as I at the moment I've only ripped two packs (but found quite a few cards for my set).  I'm hoping pack 3 is just as generous.

Pack 3:
7.  Barry Larkin (had it, but it's a great card)
20.  Sammy Sosa
23.  Jay Bell
28.  Mike Lieberthal
36.  Orlando Cabrera
44.  Preston Wilson
50.  Alex Rodriguez
61.  Carl Everett
66.  Rick Ankiel
83.  Pat Meares
104.  Mike Lowell
119.  Albert Belle - finally, a card I needed!

Took awhile to get a card I needed, but I'm glad to land at least one from the pack!
127.  Tony Clark
128.  Todd Zeile
131.  Geoff Jenkins - Needed it!

I would have thought everyone would have unloaded their Brewers on me by now!
145.  Frank Thomas - needed it!

I can understand why this one was still needed - who wants to give up their Frank Thomas Stadium Club card?!
156.  Sean Burnett - needed it!

After a rough start, I finished the pack with four cards that I needed.  I consider three such cards a success so so far we are doing really, really well!
Capture the Action:  CA10.  Nomar Garciaparra

I have absolutely zero complaints so far (except maybe for that one damaged card that I needed)!  Still nine packs remain in the box, let's hope my good luck continues!


The Junior Junkie said...

Love watching this box break unfold!

Nachos Grande said...

I'm glad someone is enjoying it! I had a blast opening each pack. I love Stadium Club...such a great design in 2001.

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