Thursday, May 05, 2016

Delivery Time: The Final Package from 2015 (yes, 2015)! (Hot Corner Cards)

Today is an exciting day for my desk in my "man cave."  I have finally cleared off all of the trade packages from 2015!  The final package that I needed to sort and scan also happened to be one of the largest that I received last year - and it was courtesy of Pat over at Hot Corner Cards.

Pat sent me a huge stack of random Reds.

Admittedly, most of the cards were of the "junk wax" era - and I probably owned at least 80% of them...but that didn't mean I could get away without sorting the entire pile!  Since I knew the sorting process would take a long time, this package sat on my desk for months...actually over half a year!  Happily, today is the day in which I managed to get the entire thing sorted...and of course, a card post wouldn't be a card post without at least a few scans so let's take a quick look at the top 5 cards in the package!

#5:  Some sort of Bowman card
Yen-Wen Kuo

I have no idea who Kuo is...and that's the charm of the card.  This is a shiny Bowman card from 2010 but otherwise I have no idea what set it belongs to (Bowman is and always will be too confusing for me to figure out).

#4:  Diamond Kings:
Danny Graves

Woah, there's a throwback to the time when people thought Danny Graves was a good pitcher.  Sure, he had a couple of years with a lot of saves for the Reds...but I don't think you ever heard a Reds' fan say "boy, that Graves guy sure is a lights out closer."  Graves was a tightrope artist...I will give him that.  And hey, he was one more "Diamond King" card than I'll ever get.

#3:  Donruss Classics:
Sean Casey

I always liked Casey - and I'm pretty sure this is a new card for my collection.  It's not the most interesting or exciting card design - but sometimes simple is ok.

#2:  SP Authentic:
Adam Dunn

I don't understand the design choices on this card at all...but I am happy to get a new Dunn card for my collection.  The Big Donkey (as he is affectionately known) was a favorite player of mine for quite some time!

#1:  Topps Diamond Anniversary:
Joey Votto

This is from Topps' 2011 set - and it's a card that I (somehow) have never seen before in my life.  I don't know how that is possible, especially for a 2011 card since I bought a TON of cards back in 2011.  All that said, it's an easy choice for favorite card in the package!

Many, many thanks for all the Reds Pat - and I apologize for how long it took me to get the cards scanned!  As for anyone else, now that I've cleaned off my desk of trade packages from 2015, let's load it up with 2016 trades!  Check out my want list and make an offer.


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