Friday, June 10, 2016

Group Break: 2016 Panini Donruss: How About a Hit of a Hall of Famer?

As I said from the beginning of the 2016 Panini Donruss group break posts, our box contained four, rather than the promised three, hits.  We've already found two of them...and tonight we'll find our third.  Who is it this time?  In my opinion, it's the best of the three hits so far (other than the fact that one of our earlier hits went to me).

Pack 17:
89.  Matt Carpenter - Cardinals
114.  Dexter Fowler - Cubs
109.  Billy Hamilton - Reds
177.  Ryne Sandberg - Cubs
173.  DJ LeMahieu - Rockies
Pink Diamond Kings:  25.  Nelson Cruz - Mariners

A pink DK for the Mariners (Junior Junkie).  I think the colored border looks better on the DK cards as opposed to the plain border.
USA Baseball:  4.  Bobby Dalbec

1982 Base:  19. Buster Posey - Giants

I'm no Posey fan after what he did to my Reds in the playoffs...but even I can admit a nice looking card when I see one.  

Pack 18:
97.  Michael Wacha - Cardinals
93.  J.D. Martinez - Tigers
113.  Eddie Rosario - Twins
108.  Chris Sale - White Sox
155.  Wei-Yin Chen - Orioles
150.  Evan Gattis - Astros
1982 Base:  38.  Kevin Pillar - Blue Jays

Bat Kings:  BK-DW.  Dave Winfield - Padres

And the Padres score their second hit of the box - and this one is a nice one!  Hard to complain about getting a Hall of Famer relic in a box...and I'm sure Jordan won't be complaining since he has the Padres (and Winfield even played for his Yankees).

And there's the third hit of the box!  A pretty good box, wouldn't you say?  And yes, one more hit remains...and it goes to a team that hasn't had a hit yet.  That's your only hint for now.  Stay tuned!


Jordan said...

No...I do not think I'm going to complain about a Winfield bat a matter of fact I'm quite overjoyed..

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