Friday, June 10, 2016

Group Break: 2016 Panini Donruss - Who Wants a Serially Numbered Card #01/35?

So, my wife and I decided that this was a good time to redo the basement of our house (otherwise referred to as the "man cave").  Of course, I'm not sure how many man caves have a LEGO table in it, but you get what I mean.  Anyhow, it's been a lot of work (mostly her doing so far, if I'm being honest) but it also means that I really need to get a move on this group break - the cards need to get ripped, scanned, videoed, sorted, packed, and mailed ASAP.

A little pressure for me is probably a good thing for all group break participants - I'm going to try and kick this thing into overdrive!

No more delay, here come the next two packs out of the 2016 Panini Donruss box.

Pack 13:
81.  Lorenzo Cain - Royals
74.  Brandon Crawford - Giants
70.  Nelson Cruz - Mariners
61.  Andrew McCutchen - Pirates
184.  Rickey Henderson - Athletics
The Prospects:  13.  Alex Reyes - Cardinals

1982 Base:  1.  Mike Trout - Angels

That's an awesome card of an awesome player - congrats to Play at the Plate for that one.  Cool card indeed.
Stat Line Parallel:  101.  Ian Kinsler - Tigers (#01/35)

The Stat Line parallels are all serially numbered out of some player specific stat number.  For Kinsler, he hit 35 doubles in 2015 and so there are only 35 copies of this particular card in existence.  A huge congrats goes to Play at the Plate (who else?!) for ending up with the Tigers as a random team. 

Pack 14:
50.  Sonny Gray - Athletics
140.  Adam Jones - Orioles
54.  Zack Greinke - Dodgers
144.  Matt Holliday - Cardinals
152.  Chris Archer - Rays
147.  Giancarlo Stanton - Marlins
Diamond Kings:  17.  Brian Dozier - Twins

1982 Base:  34.  A.J. Pollock - Diamondbacks

I like to see teams like the Twins and Diamondbacks represented in a group break - and someday I'd even love to see one of those teams purposely claimed...  

That does it for that pair of packs - only ten packs remain in the box (including two more hits)!  And, as I mentioned a number of times already, once I get all the posts written I'll post the video for the box break as well...then you can see my surprise in "real time" as I pull the fourth surprise hit out of the box!

One more thing:  I should mention that at this point in the box, every single team has received at least one base card from the Panini Donruss box.  As a group break host, I like to see that.  Of course, many teams have more than one card - but it is good to see every team represented!


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Nice pull! I like to think the serial # doesn't matter, but sometimes it does.

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