Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Group Break: 2016 Topps Legacies of Baseball! Full Box VIDEO and Scans!

Our final box for the group break is a 2016 Topps Legacies of Baseball high end hobby box.  I never get the opportunity to open high end stuff like this, so even just ripping it was fun for me.  Before I show off the cards (you only get four in a box), here's the video.  Please try to ignore me dying on camera, my head cold simply will not go away!
Alright, now that you've seen the video, here are the cards in all of their up close glory!

Each box contains two on card autographs, one metal card, and one low numbered insert.  Starting with the insert, we landed a purple parallel (seeded 1:20 boxes) of Hector Olivera of the Braves.

The Olivera is numbered 06/50 - and is a nice way for Need More Cardboard to end his portion of the group break!

Next up, our metal card.

That's Billy Williams of the Chicago Cubs and it will be going to Play at the Plate who claimed the Cubs as one of his teams.  The metal card actually came out of the pack in a plastic team bag - and I didn't remove the bag for the scan.  The card is numbered 65/135 on the back.

It's kind of cool I guess - though metal cards have been done before.  I was really hoping to get the Larkin version...but no such luck for me!

Now, turning our attention to the two autographs.

First, an Exhilaration autograph of Luis Severino of the New York Yankees numbered 111/199.

A big congrats goes out to Jordan for taking the Yankees in the break - a team that did quite well throughout the break as I see it!

And finally, speaking of doing well in the break.  How about one more card for Play at the Plate?

Not only that, but it's another Rangers autograph...and a familiar face at that (for this break at least).  It's another Juan Gonzalez autograph - this one numbered 194/199.

And with that, the official part of the group break is done!  I do have one more post planned where I'll rip some more random packs just to add another pile of cards to the break.  Once that's done, I'll start packing up the cards and mailing out.  My hope is to have everything in the mail no later than this weekend - so be on the lookout!


Jordan said...

That is a pretty awesome one, even if he's not been doing too well this season. Cherry on top of a fantastic break, as per usual. Thanks for the opportunity.

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