Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Group Break: The Final Two Packs of 2016 Panini Diamond Kings!

I've greatly enjoyed the Diamond Kings box (though I also enjoyed the Donruss box a lot as well).  Which box is better is probably a matter of which team(s) you had in the group break...I know the Donruss box treated my Reds much better!  No matter, I promised to finish off the Diamond Kings box today...and since the day is nearing its end, let's rip the final two packs in the same post.  I'll put my poor scanner through the paces on this one.

Pack 11:

136.  Addison Russell - Cubs
139.  Joey Gallo - Rangers
98.  Starling Marte - Pirates
29.  Frankie Frisch - Cardinals
181.  Brian Ellington - Marlins
185.  Frankie Montas - White Sox
Mini:  109.  Kris Bryant - Cubs

I guess if you are going to only get two minis in a box, you want one of them to be of the caliber of guys like Bryant!
Aficionado:  A10.  Nolan Arenado - Rockies

For my fantasy team this year, I basically had two choices for my hitting keeper - either Arenado (2nd round pick) or Altuve (5th round pick).  I ended up going with Altuve, but it wasn't an easy choice!  I'll always be partial to Arenado as well!

Let's finish off our second box of the group break right now!

Pack 12:

103.  Xander Bogaerts - Red Sox
107.  Matt Kemp - Padres
8.  Jimmie Foxx - Athletics
36.  Dom DiMaggio - Red Sox
145.  Stephen Piscotty - Cardinals
141.  Kyle Schwarber - Cubs
Artist's Proof parallel:  21.  Ted Williams - Red Sox

The Artist's Proof parallels are not serially numbered, but this is the only such card that we got in the box which would suggest they are quite rare!
Memorable Feats:  MF14.  Walter O'Malley - Dodgers

And we end with a rather rare card of an owner of an MLB team!  

So, what's the verdict?  Thoughts on the two Panini products from this group break?  Are you ready to see some actual team logos yet?  We move on to the two Topps boxes next!


Doc said...

Woohoo! Artist's Proof! They are tough to find, and I think that's the photo variation to boot!

I was never a big fan of Donruss (the new Donruss) but the packs you opened seemed to have a good variety and better than average inserts, so my dislike has softened a bit.

I'm a DK fan, which isn't really a surprise. I like the artistry and the retro feel, but that's just me. Good stuff all around from both boxes!

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