Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Next Baseball Card Box that I'm Breaking!

Tomorrow is a big day for my "man cave" in that the electrician is supposed to come and install all the new lights (3 new wall lights, 1 new ceiling light, and 1 new "track light" system for above the TV).  Once he's done, I'll be able to start putting the rest of my stuff away...and hanging up the rest of the stuff on the walls as well (here's a preview of the first part of my man cave makeover).

Anyhow, since I can't yet start putting stuff away, I might as well make more of a mess, right?  A few days (actually a month ago), I posted my progress in reorganizing my baseball cards from 1994.  One of the things that came out of my reorganization efforts is that I decided that I would chase after the 1994 Fleer set - a seriously underrated gem of cardboard from the mid-90s.

In the time after I wrote that post, I scoured eBay and found a cheap, unopened box of 1994 Fleer which I nabbed.  And yes, that's the next box that I'm busting here at Nachos Grande!

The 1994 Fleer box contains a whopping 36 packs with 15 cards per pack (and the box itself is heavy)!  The set contains 720 cards - so I'm hopeful I'll make solid progress on completing the set thanks to this one box.  In addition to the base cards, there are 9 insert sets including Tim Salmon AL Rookie of the Year cards (woo?).

There are three different Barry Larkin cards in the set - one base card and two inserts - but I already own all three.  Therefore, my main goal for this box is simply to get a huge chunk of the base set completed...and hopefully find some other fun stuff along the way.

Are you ready to step back in time with me?  Here we go!


*Rips Open the Plastic Wrapping*


That's weird.  The first pack out of the box felt extremely thin...in fact, it only held eight cards.  The remaining packs in the box all seem to be full (15 cards) though.  Super weird...and it was a sealed box so there shouldn't be any foul play involved.  Oh well, I guess we'll start off a little bit slower with only an eight card pack!


Pack 1:

358.  Ron Gant
505.  Pedro Astacio
554.  Larry Walker
563.  Dwight Gooden

625.  Bob Walk
660.  Phil Clark
671.  Melvin Nieves

Major League Prospects:  25.  Nate Michey

I know I won't be chasing the Major League Prospects insert set - so if you want that Minchey let me know!  As for the rest of the pack, other than being only 50% of the size of a 'normal' pack, it was bad - certainly some star power was there with Gooden, Walker, and even Gant to a certain extent.
There was also a nice mix of action shots (such as Gooden's photo) and posed shots (as we got with Nieves).  All told, a strange start to the box...but since the rest of the packs appear to be full I won't let it get me down.  I'll have more from this box as the days/weeks move forward - and when I'm done I'll get a list of what I'm still missing up on my blog with the hopes that I'll be able to finish off the base set before the year is out!


Sport Card Collectors said...

Can't wait to see the rest.

P-town Tom said...

I just completed this set last year... after having started it back in 1994. Haha!

Jeremy said...

This is one of my favorite set designs from the 90's.

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