Wednesday, July 27, 2016

2016 Allen & Ginter: Box #2: Boxloader plus Packs 1 - 4 (Including a Framed Hit)!

I had a blast ripping through my first box of 2016 Allen & Ginter - probably because I pulled some great cards including four hits (2 "regular" relics, 1 framed relic, and rip card) plus a Brooklyn mini.  It will be hard to the remaining five boxes to top my first box - but here's hoping!

For box #2, I'm going to only show off the highlights - rather than typing up every single base card.  I scanned each and every card in box #1 - so if you really want to see what all the base cards look like go back through my blog archives!  For this box, it'll be more packs per post in an effort to speed things up a bit!

Box 2 - Boxloader

My second boxloader of 2016 is another oversized card - this time of Paul Goldschmidt.  The one thing that I like about the design of these is that Topps showed off some previous year's mini cards of the featured player - in Goldschmidt's case, 2012 Ginter gets featured (along with 2016 Ginter).  That's a nice touch.

Box 2 - Packs 1 - 4:

As I said, I'm only going to go with the highlights of a bunch of packs each post from here on out.

Pack 1 gave me a nice Carlton Fisk black bordered mini (and a base short print of Wei-Yin Chen, not pictured).

Pack 2 wasn't very exciting - a regular mini of Edwin Encarnacion and a Curt Schilling Numbers Game and that's it.

Pack 3 was a lot better than the first two - there was a Travis D'arnaud base short print (not pictured) to go along with a George Brett Legends of Baseball and my first mini insert of Box #2 - a Ferocious Feline card of the Classic Tabby!

And finally, Pack 4 gave me my first hit of the box - another framed relic - this time of Jacoby Ellsbury (with a nice pinstripe on the bit of cloth).  I also got a Numbers Game card of Reggie Jackson and a regular mini of Brett Gardner, just in case I needed another Yankee in the pack.

Through four packs, I'm happy to land my second framed relic out of my boxes (they are seeded 1:122 packs so I'm really beating the odds there).  I'm also glad to get one card closer to completing the Ferocious Felines mini set - and as usual, if you have any mini inserts for trade, let me know!!

I'll have more from box #2 soon - I hope!


JWillden27 said...

Thanks for posting. Until I read your blog, I had no idea that Fisk and Schilling were included.

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