Thursday, July 28, 2016

2016 Allen & Ginter: Box #2 - Packs 9 - 12 (Including my Second Hit of the Box)

I am making much faster work of 2016 Allen & Ginter box #2 as compared to box #1 since I'm only scanning and writing about the highlights of each pack.  Of course, so far at least, box #2 hasn't been nearly as good as box there's been less for me to discuss as well.  That said, I should still have two more hits lurking in the box, there's still a chance for something cool!

Packs 9 - 12:

Pack 9 had a regular back mini of Rick Klein (not shown) and a pair of Baseball Legends.  One from the aptly named Baseball Legends set (Jackie Robinson) and the other from the Numbers Game set (Joe Morgan).  I happen to like both of those cards a lot!

Pack 10 had a Shawn Tolleson regular short print (not shown) to go along with my second A&G back mini of the box (Jen Welter).  I also got my third Natural Wonder card - this time of a wonder that I've actually witnessed in person (Old Faithful).  It's always fun to get cards of places you've been to and seen!

Pack 11 held a Marcus Semien regular back mini and a Carlos Correra Numbers Game card (neither shown) as well as my second hit of the box...and it's one that I don't like at all.  That's Adam Wainwright of the hated Cardinals.  Blech.

Pack 12 had a Raul Mondesi regular short print (not pictured) and a Jonathan Schoop regular back mini (also not shown).  In other words, Pack 12 had nothing of particular interest to me.

Well, in a word:  Ouch.

After the awesomeness that was the four-hit first box of Ginter, the second box has been stinking it up through the halfway point.  The framed relic was nice (mostly because it's rare) but it was a Yankee...and now my second hit is a Cardinal.  Yuck.  Nothing else to write home about from the box yet either...let's hope the second half somehow redeems the stinkfest that was the first half!


B Man said...

Love the Waino-great pull, for me.

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