Tuesday, July 26, 2016

2016 Allen & Ginter Box: The Pack in Which We Find a Framed Relic (1:122 Packs!)

Yesterday, I ripped and posted 8 of the 24 packs in my first 2016 Allen & Ginter hobby box.  You definitely want to check out the highlights if you missed them - hits, super short prints, and even a serially numbered mini!

As good as yesterday was, there are still more packs remaining in the box (including one more promised hit).  Let's keep ripping!

Box 1 - Pack 15:

42.  Cuban Embassy
178.  David Robertson
239.  Brandon Moss
260.  Anthony Rizzo
262.  Giancarlo Stanton
346.  Pablo Sandoval
Natural Wonders:  5.  Amazon Rainforest

Reg. mini:  189.  Buster Posey

The only thing that comes to mind from this pack is that I'm glad Topps has decided to use higher quality images for their non-baseball subjects.  The Amazon Rainforest card looks much better than similar cards from previous years.

Box 1 - Pack 16:

10.  Jason Sklar
99.  Luis Severino
157.  Gerrit Cole
231.  Kaleb Cowart
319.  Yasiel Puig
Reg. mini:  38.  David Peralta

Framed Relic:  DPE.  Dustin Pedroia

And there it is, the third of the promised hits from the box!  This one's a nice one though - the framed relics are quite rare (seeded 1:122 packs)!  Good stuff - and a solid "end" to the box (though with another 8 packs remaining who knows what else I might uncover yet)!


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