Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bo Knows, but Do You Know Bo?

Wow, it is hard to believe that July is nearly halfway over already!  Where has the summer gone?!

At this point, I really ought to be writing some Calculus III lesson plans and not "playing" with my baseball cards...but really, what's the fun in that?  Sure, I'll be kicking myself later but oh well.

Here's the 13th pack out of the 1994 Fleer box.

Pack 13:
9.  Mark McLemore
33.  Mike Greenwell
46.  Frank Viola
51.  Chili Davis
84.  Bo Jackson

Bo might know, but do kids these days even know who Bo is?  I'm getting old.  Now get off my lawn.
85.  Lance Johnson
127.  John Doherty
364.  Javier Lopez
435.  Darryl Boston
503.  Brian Williams
548.  Mel Rojas
571.  Mike Maddux
670.  Tim Mauser
690.  Royce Clayton

The majority of the photos in the 1994 Fleer set seem to be the usual "pitcher throwing or batter swinging" but there are just enough gems like this Clayton to keep each pack interesting.
All-Star:  18.  Mike Mussina

I've mentioned a number of times that Mussina was born in the city where I work.  I greatly prefer his Orioles cards over his Yankees cards though!


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