Sunday, July 17, 2016

Caption This Card!

We are nearing Allen & Ginter season...but for the first time in years I haven't actually ordered any of the product yet.  For the past several years, I've splurged and opened a case of the stuff (selling off most of the hits and other "good" cards to help pay for the case).  Unfortunately, last year's case didn't net me a lot of high value stuff...and as a result I don't have enough in my PayPal account to buy a case this year.  I did sell a few things on eBay a couple of weeks ago but that only netted me about $20.

Long story short, I'm not sure what I'm going to do in terms of 2016 Allen & Ginter right now.  While that set is a mystery, I do know what to do with the 1994 Fleer set - collect it!  And I'm in the midst of a (long) box break - so let's rip two more packs, shall we?

Pack 20:
195.  Greg Vaughn
199.  Willie Banks
253.  Marcos Armas

Uhm, ow.
270.  Troy Neel
294.  Edgar Martinez
301.  Omar Vizquel
324.  Roberto Alomar
490.  Steve Finley
491.  Luis Gonzalez
546.  Chris Nabholz
547.  Randy Ready
598.  Todd Pratt
601.  Kevin Stocker
626.  Kevin Young
All-Star.  18.  Mike Mussina
I already pulled this one earlier in the box.  Boo!

That wasn't a very exciting pack - and the duplicate insert was the cherry on that sh*t sundae.

Pack 21:
164.  Mike Macfarlane
209.  Terry Jorgensen
216.  Derek Parks

Caption this card!!
237.  Jim Leyritz
266.  Vince Horsman
302.  Brian Bohanon
340.  John Olerud
473.  Pat Rapp
482.  Eric Anthony
495.  Todd Jones
545.  Dennis Martinez
585.  Darren Daulton
593.  Ricky Jordan
681.  Mike Benjamin
Prospects:  6.  Marty Cordova

Well, that wasn't as much fun as most of the packs have been.  Oh well, I guess they can't all be great.  Now to get back to figuring out what to do about Ginter '16!


Adam Kaningher said...

"Really wanted to hit the beach today but coach wouldn't give me the day off."

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Hey look, it's a Pokemon!

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Brett Alan said...

"Can you hear me now?"

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