Monday, July 18, 2016

Four Packs of 1994 Fleer

I think I've drug this box of 1994 Fleer out long enough.  Today, I'm going to start going through the box in double time - that is, four packs per post.  Don't worry, I'll only show the highlights from here on out rather than typing out every single card.  Without further ado, here are the highlights from the next four packs.

Packs 22 - 25:

We will begin with a look at my four favorite base cards out of the packs - though I believe they are actually all out of two of the four packs.  No matter, beginning with an almost all sea foam green card...

That's Bob Natal rocking the teal for the Florida Marlins...and like most Marlins games, there are zero fans to be found watching the game!

Next, a much more interesting photo:

That image screams "speed" to me.  Or rather, it screams "built up speed" as it appears Phillips is ready to take off and steal yet another base (he had 16 stolen bases in 1993).

Although there weren't a lot of great photos in this quartet of packs, I did like the two that I scanned.  I also found humor in a couple of the pictures on the reverse side of the cards.

For whatever reason, both of those cards amused me.

Now, moving on to the inserts.

I ended up pulling cards from three different insert sets including my first two National League All-Star cards.

I'm fairly certain I already own the Sandberg, but the Sheffield is definitely new to me.

I also pulled a League Leaders card, though who cares about the Rockies?!

Oh well.

And finally, a prospects card of a guy who never really panned out.

And that concludes that bunch of packs.  I have a goal of finishing off this entire box before the week is out.  Let's hope I can do it!


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