Thursday, July 07, 2016

Help Feed my Ginter Addiction (My eBay Lots Ending in One Hour)!

As you probably know, Topps 2016 edition of Allen & Ginter is about to hit the store shelves (or at least the virtual shelves since no one has a hobby shop to actually shop at these days).  Anyhow, in the past few years I've managed to buy myself a case (and then I sell off the "good" stuff to help pay for the case).  Unfortunately for me, I also usually spend a fair bit of time listing stuff on eBay prior to the release of Ginter so that I have a big enough PayPal account to pay for the case.  I say unfortunately for me because I didn't do that this year.

In fact, the release of Ginter completely snuck up on me - and only this past week did I manage to list anything on eBay.  As it turns out, I didn't have a lot of eBay fodder - and unless something crazy happens I won't get close to enough from this round of auctions to even pay for the shipping portion of the case - but every bit helps.  Therefore, this is my plea for you to check out my current eBay auctions (all end in a matter of hours) and help me out with my cardboard addiction find my listings here)!

Also, if you want to see what I have for sale without clicking on the eBay link, I've provided the scans (and direct link to each auction) below.  As of the time I am writing this post, the total combined sale of all the auctions is only a hair over $12.  Every bid helps (big or small)!  Thanks!

Carlos Baerga auto (link)
Triumvirate Lot of 2:  Bryce Harper & Anthony Rendon (link)

Foilboard Manny Machado #10/25 Parallel (link)

Black & White w/ Orange Foil:  Adrian Beltre (only 17 were made) (link)

Carlos Santana Members Only Case Hit (only 7 were made) (link)

I also listed a couple of non-Stadium Club cards that I had lying around...

Ken Griffey Jr. Heritage short print (link)

Joaquin Benoit Allen & Ginter No Number mini (link)

I put every starting bid quite low (most are 99 cents in fact) with the hopes of being able to raise a bit of quick cash.  Depending on how this round goes, I do have a few other cards that I may try to sell in the future.  As always, any support is appreciated!


Cardboard Curmudgeon said...

Would you sell the Griffey 09 Heritage off site? Would you take $1.75 plus the shipping-it'll save you fees. I would send paypal as friends/family. LMK

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