Friday, July 08, 2016

Party Prep Day!

Tomorrow, I'm going to be hosting a summer party at my house for a bunch of the students at my college who are in the math club (a club that I advise) as well as for a few of the other math faculty.  I have an amazing group of students to work with this year so it should be a fun time.

Of course, as anyone who ever has hosted anything knows, the day before the event is pretty much terrible.  Cleaning, mowing, moving furniture, etc.  You name it and it has to get done.  Did I mention grocery shopping for hungry college kids too?  Yeah.  So, before the crush of work begins, let's rip another pack of 1994 Fleer, shall we?

Pack 10:
12.  Mike Mussina

Mussina is a "local guy" in that he was born in Williamsport, PA (the city where I work).  As such, I've always sort of rooted for him, even when he was a hated Yankee.
31.  John Dopson
58.  Joe Grahe
67.  Eduardo Perez
123.  Bill Wertz
137.  Chad Kreuter
183.  Matt Mieske
369.  Otis Nixon
399.  Sammy Sosa

Pretty nice looking card of the Cubs' slugger.
406.  Tom Browning
416.  Kevin Mitchell
577.  Pete Schourek
645.  Gerald Perry
676.  Tim Teufel
Team Leaders:  25.  Jay Bell

This is the first of the Team Leaders that I've pulled from the box.  The design of the card reminds me of some of Fleer's later attempts at higher end stuff.  It's not terrible, though I could do without the bright orange background.


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