Friday, July 22, 2016

We Close Out the 1994 Fleer Box with a Larkin and a Dodgers' Team Leaders Card

This is it.  We finally made it to the end of the 1994 Fleer baseball box.  It's amazing how long it takes to get through a 36 pack box...especially when every pack has 15 cards in it!  I don't wish for all baseball card related things from the early/mid 90s to return...but I would like to see the occasional set with 36 pack boxes (and 15 cards per pack).

Anyhow, I won't delay any longer - here are the highlights from the final three packs of the box.

Packs 34 - 36:

The Athletics were big winners in the final three packs (along with the Reds - as you'll see in a moment).  Anyhow, the A's had two neat photos, the first being a play at the plate featuring Terry Steinbach and an unknown (to me) Mariner (looks like his last name begins with "Has").

The second Athletics' card of note was this Ruben Sierra.

The "action" shot isn't really that exciting...but I was drawn in by the fans' shoes hanging halfway into the playing field.  You certainly can't sit like that at a baseball game any more!

And, in a moment that I swear I'm not making up.  This was the very last card in the final pack:

Yeah.  The box ended with a Barry Larkin.  Bam!  Sure, I already had this one but I don't care - I'll forever enjoy pulling Larkin cards from packs!

That ends the base card portion of the box - which means we are down to our final three cards - the three promised inserts.  Two of the cards were All-Star cards...and while they aren't the most exciting players I had forgotten about Jeff Blauser so that's something!

And the last card for me to scan out of the box?  Our final last Team Leaders.

That's Mike Piazza in Dodger blue - and it's a pretty cool card to end on.

I hope you have all enjoyed the foray into the land of 1994 baseball cards.


Brett Alan said...

The guy crashing into Terry Steinbach must be Bill Haselman.

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