Tuesday, August 02, 2016

2016 Allen & Ginter - Box #5: The End of Another Box

It's time to finish off Box #5.  Spoiler Alert - this box will not end up ranked 1 or 2 in my rankings.

Box 5:  Packs 17 - 24:

The final eight packs weren't terrible - in fact, I got a new Natural Wonders card which is nice.

I also got another US Mayor mini.

And in continuing the Yankee theme of this box, a Yankee black bordered mini.

Better minis, for me, were the two A&G back minis which included a short printed (1:65 packs) of a Red!

And finally, we end with the third hit of the box.

The best thing about that?  I guess the little piece of string that is coming out of the cloth bit.  I have absolutely nothing good to say about Braun so this relic is about as meaningless to me as it could possibly be (seriously, the disc golf guy was a better pull in my book).

Ah well.  I still have one box to go - and it's been fun to rip!


Sport Card Collectors said...

Looking forward to it. I have a break I am posting soon too. Big hit too :)

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