Monday, August 01, 2016

2016 Allen & Ginter: Box #5 - My Second 2016 Ginter Autograph!

I've now ripped four of my six boxes of 2016 Topps Allen & Ginter.  So far, the results have been mixed but I'd say overall I'm happy.  I'm hopeful that the last two boxes have a bit more in the way of fireworks for me!

Box 5:  Boxloader

I'm now five-for-five on the oversized player boxloaders but again, at least all five cards were different players.  According to the box odds, there is a 1:111 chance of getting a relic boxloader, a 1:185 autograph boxloader, and then a bunch of even rarer stuff that I'll never pull.  I'm holding out hope for one of the relics in the final box...

Box 5:  Packs 1 - 8:

During the process of opening the boxes, I decided to pit each box of Ginter against the others that I open up.  So far, Box #1 has been the clear winner (hard to beat a rip card I guess) but Box #4 was almost as good.  What I'm saying is that Box #5 has some serious work to do if it wants to be considered a Top One or Two box...but based on the first eight packs, I'd say it's up the challenge so far.

Let's begin with the hit this time:

That's my second autograph - and yes, it is a stupid Cardinal card but still, framed autographs are puurrrty.  And at 1:48 packs, it makes sense that I get a second autograph finally since they are seeded one in every other box.

The other three cards of note from the first eight packs were all minis including a black bordered Max Scherzer that's pretty nice.

Next, another Ferocious Felines card of the Ocelot.

According to the card back, ocelots can grow up to five feet in length and travel up to five miles in a single night of hunting.  I'm no cat person, but I can respect that kind of range.

And finally, my second no number mini of the boxes...

That's Mets pitcher Jacon DeGrom - and with the no numbered minis seeded 1:73 packs - it is a pretty nice pull to go with the autograph.

I'd say Box #5 is off to a good start!  Let's hope it continues...we'll find out soon enough I guess!


B Man said...

Love SP-it is a Redbird Hotbox, lucky pull :)

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