Monday, August 01, 2016

2016 Allen & Ginter: Box #5 - Packs 9 - 16 (You Win Some, You Lose Some)

The first eight packs out of my fifth box of 2016 Allen & Ginter produced a no number mini and a framed autograph.  What will the next eight packs produce?

Box 5:  Packs 9 - 16:

Alright, for as good as the first eight packs were...well...this batch didn't quite hold up.

First, the good.

Good is getting another pair of mini inserts including another Subways & Streetcars card.

Good is getting an A&G back mini of a decent player - in this case Craig Kimbrel.

Bad is getting a hit that is a Yankee...and a boring grey patch to boot.

I guess you win some and you lose some.


Admin said...
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Admin said...

Let me rephrase that in a less-embarrassing way... is the Mayors set a MINI insert only?

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