Thursday, August 25, 2016

Barry Larkin Collection 467: 1997 Pinnacle Mint - #27 - Bronze Parallel

Barry Larkin
Year  1997
Brand:  Pinnacle Mint
Card number:  27
Parallel set:  Bronze

The 1997 Pinnacle Mint set is a confusing mess of a set (a line I seem to repeat for a bunch of different late 90's sets)!  The set was only 30 cards in size - but there was also three parallel versions of each base card (bronze, silver, and gold) AND there were coins produced of each player.  Of course, since it was the late 90s, each coin has various parallels as well (brass, nickel-silver, 24K gold plated brass, solid silver, and solid gold).  The solid silver coins were limited to only 20 while the solid golds were one-of-ones.

For me, I only own the bronze parallel from the Pinnacle Mint set - at least as of this posting.  The regular base cards have a big hole where the Reds' logo is on this card.  I guess the idea was to slot the appropriate coin in the hole...and then somehow display the entire contraption?  Weird...and it isn't hard to see why this set failed to become popular.  Still, as a player collector I do feel the need to try and track down what I can out of this set...(and that makes me feel like a true sucker since abysmal sets like this shouldn't be rewarded with purchases...not even twenty years after the fact)!


JediJeff said...

I was wondering if that was a coin or a big ass waste of space foil logo. I'm not saying the coin isn't a big ass waste of space, though.

Nachos Grande said...

On the parallels it's a big waste of space foil logo.

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