Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Gint-a-Cuffs: Pack 19 (More Yankees...)

This pack isn't worthy of a preamble.

Box total so far:  55 points

Pack 19:

21.  Ben Zobrist
83.  David Wright
114.  Randy Sklar
13.  Adrian Gonzalez
257.  Chris Archer
322.  Ryan LaMarre
Baseball Legends:  15.  Whitey Ford (+2 Legend, -1 Yankee = 1 point)
A&G back mini:  267.  Sonny Gray  (+2 points)
Pack total: 3 points
Box total so far:   58 points
Yankees so far:  13


Dennis said...

Hey, you finally pulled the Ryan LaMarre SP! Please let me know if I can get it from you if you don't need it for your set.

Also, lots of Yankees in a Topps product? Such a thing is unheard of!

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