Thursday, August 11, 2016

Gint-a-Cuffs: Pack 24 (The End of the Box)

This is it.  The final pack of my Gint-a-Cuffs box.  I need a monster pack...and I will say that this box ends on a pretty nice hit (with emphasis on the pretty).

Box total so far:  76 points

Pack 24:

2.  Ryan Braun
55.  Hector Rondon
128. Aroldis Chapman (-1 Yankee now...sob)
140.  Caleb Cotham (+1 favorite team)
Numbers Game:  55.  Ryan Braun
Reg. mini:  271.  A.J. Pollock
Framed Autograph:  AGA-MSH.  Maria Sharapova  (+7 points)
Pack total:  7 points
Final Box Total:  83 points**

**see below

And for posterity:
Final Yankee Count:  14 (!)

That does it for me.  83 points - I was hoping to at least get to 80 which I (barely) did.  I won't be winning this year though, will I?


Editor's note:

Due to a few scoring changes via the commissioner of Gint-a-Cuffs, I have to modify my box total (in a positive direction at least):

My boxloader was on the favorite player list and the commish says that's a hit now.  So I get 6.8 points (4 x 1.7) rather the 6 that I thought I earned.  Net gain:  +0.8 points.

The Numbers Game insert cards are now worth +2 points each (I was counting them as 0 points).  Each box has 12 Numbers Game cards so that is another 24 points for me.  Sure, that sounds good but really every box gets those 24 points so the result is basically a wash.  Even so, that does boost me over the 100 point threshold.

Final Box Total (unless the commissioner makes some more changes):  83 + 0.8 + 24 = 107.8 points.


JediJeff said...

Not sure if you will be happy about this, but I will post the last 4 packs of my box, and I scored lower than you.

The Dutch Card Guy said...

Awesome hit, grats !

Nachos Grande said...

I added it up and my first box would have scored 115 points. I definitely chose wrong (though I was surprised at how close this box was to my first box since box #1 felt so much better as I opened it)!

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