Monday, August 22, 2016

Trying to Stop the Slow March of Autumn, One Card Package at a Time!

Today marks a sad day for me - it's the last week "off" before college classes start back up.  Of course, I say "off" because in reality I have meetings all day today and Tuesday and then we have freshman convocation on Friday (which I am required to attend as well).  I'm sure my Wednesday and Thursday will also fill up with meetings...or at the very least more lesson planning and a TON of photocopying!

The one thing that helps me escape from the slow march of autumn is my baseball card collection...and more specifically, getting new cards in the mail!  Today's envelope is courtesy of Jeff over at the always entertaining 2 by 3 Heroes blog.

Jeff knocked a bunch of 2015 Topps Stadium Club needs off of my want list - including this gorgeous black and white Joe DiMaggio card.

Sure, the Yankees are over represented in pretty much every Topps' set these days, but even I can admit that this is a nice looking card!

In addition to the Stadium Club, Jeff also sent me a pair of 2016 Ginter minis.

I had never heard of Shirin Ebadi before - that's probably a bad thing for my world news knowledge since she is living in exile in the United Kingdom now (according to the back of her card).  On the other hand, I'm not embarrassed for not knowing who the mayor of Denver was.  Interesting side note there:  Hancock was actually a former Broncos mascot before turning to politics!

I should note that if any of you are looking for 2016 Ginter cards, I recently published a giant FOR TRADE page full of all my unwanted 2016 Ginter...including a bunch of relics!

Thanks for the great PWE Jeff!  And, as always, if anyone else would like to trade - check out my want list and make an offer!


JediJeff said...

All those staged photos for Joe's 54 game streak make for great images.

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