Saturday, September 17, 2016

Check Out My Cards: Volume III (Who You Calling a Tall Boy?)

I think I've mentioned this a number of times already, but I'm teaching Calculus III for the first time this year (in addition to Calculus I and The Mathematics of Games and Gambling).  As such, pretty much all of my free time has been sucked up with lesson planning and writing homework assignments (and exams).  The new course has left me with precious little time for anything else (as evidenced by the long grass in the lawn if nothing else)!

I only report that here because for the first time in a long time, I'm feeling like I am barely able to pump out a card post today...and who knows if I'll continue with my "at least one post per day" pace this seems doubtful (but don't worry, I won't actually be going anywhere...even if I have to my collection on hold for awhile).

All that said, I did happen to make a nice purchase from Check Out My Cards before the crush of the semester hit - and that purchase has afforded me the opportunity to get a few "easy" posts up!

For today's look at my purchase, we turn to the 2013 Topps Archives set.  A set that I'm still working on - but now I can say I have at least finished one of the many insert sets from 2013 Archives!

That's right - those are the final three Tall Boys that I needed for my set.  At this point, I'm still needing a bunch of cards from 2013 Archives (but no more Tall Boys)!

2013 Topps Archives Needs:
Base:  237, 240
Gallery of Heroes:  BR, CR, DJ, MC, MR, MT, RC, SK, TW, WM, YB
All-Star:  CR, GB, GC
1972 Basketball Design:  JB (Johnny Bench)

Someday when I have more time I'll have to show off the full Tall Boys set!  Unfortunately, that day is not today...and it's back to writing lesson plans I go!


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