Monday, October 10, 2016

Barry Larkin Collection 483: 1998 Pinnacle Plus - #40

Barry Larkin
Year:  1998
Brand:  Pinnacle Plus
Card number:  40

In 1998, there were (seemingly) a thousand different baseball card sets by a ton of different manufacturers.  I'm consistently amazed at how many sets there are that I own a single card from (Larkin usually).  The Pinnacle Plus set is one such set that I either had forgotten about over time or, more likely, never knew about to start with.

From what I can see, the 1998 Pinnacle Plus set is really only notable for one thing:  It was the final baseball card set ever released by Pinnacle Brands.  As a swan song, this one can really only be described as an ugly duckling

*sorry, not sorry*

The front of the card features hideous foil board (an invention that should never return to baseball card design) while the back features a lot of statistics laid over top of a secondary image (which I find to be distracting).

Barry has a bunch of cards in the 1998 Pinnacle Plus set including an Artist's Proof parallel (which then has a Gold parallel #/100 and a Mirror Gold parallel #/1).  Larkin also is featured in the Lasting Memories insert set and the Team Pinnacle set (which has a Gold parallel and a Mirror Gold parallel #/25).  The Team Pinnacle set also is weird because it features two players - and in the base version only one side is on foil board...which means that there are technically two versions of that card to collect in addition to the various parallels of the set.

And the worst part?  Besides the base card shown above, I only own one other card from the '98 Pinnacle Plus set (the Lasting Memories insert which I'll show off in a future post).  I guess I have some work to do on Pinnacle's final offering!


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