Sunday, October 16, 2016

Stretch it Out!

I've been doing fairly well through the first five packs out of my 1997 Sports Illustrated box (in terms of acquiring cards that I need for my set). I'm hopeful that trend continues throughout the rest of the box.  The only bad thing so far is that I haven't found a single Great Shots mini poster that I need yet -that's a trend that I hope ends with this pack!

Pack 6:
23.  Glendon Rusch (didn't need it)
69.  Shane Reynolds (didn't need it)
90. Bobby Jones (didn't need it)
96.  Mark Grace (finally, one I needed!)

106.  Al Martin (a second card I needed!)

Great Shots:  Randy Johnson (another duplicate - but what a great shot of someone stretching, huh?)

Well, two more base cards for my set...and still not a single new mini poster (which is a bit odd since I still need seven of the 25 mini posters)!  I guess beggars can't be choosers though - and I should simply be happy with inching a bit closer to the base set if nothing else.


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