Sunday, December 18, 2016

Barry Larkin Collection 490: 1998 Score Rookie/Traded - #RT5

Barry Larkin
Year:  1998
Brand:  Score Rookie/Traded
Card number:  RT5

The 1998 Score Rookie/Traded set isn't what you probably think it is...  That is to say, it's NOT a set full of rookies and/or traded players.  In fact, there are very few such players in the set.  Instead, it is a set that is mostly filled with veteran players (who weren't traded) such as Barry Larkin.

For set collectors, the 1998 Score Rookie/Traded set is super annoying because despite being only a 270 card set - the first 50 cards are all short printed (seeded 1 per pack).  That includes the Barry Larkin card shown above.  Like pretty much all things that Pinnacle released on its last few dying breaths back in 1998, there are a number of pointless parallels of this card as well (none of which I currently own).  In fact, there are supposedly even multiple copies of "one-of-ones" out there for this set - something that baseballcardpedia surmises happened from people "backdooring" cards out of Pinnacle's headquarters after the company went under.


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