Saturday, December 24, 2016

Delivery Time! September Cards from My Cardboard Habit!

And here we are:  It's Christmas Eve 2016 and I am about to write about cards that I received back in September from Judson over at My Cardboard Habit.  I sent Judson a bunch of 2016 Allen & Ginter (plus a couple of custom minis from my buddy Ryan)...but that certainly all pales in comparison to what Judson sent my way!

First up, a smattering of 2015 Topps Stadium Club.

I've been (slowly) plucking away at my 2015 TSC want list for over a year now.  I am pretty sure I even opened up a full hobby box of the stuff back in 2015...and yet here I am, over a year later and I'm still missing a bunch!  I can, however, thank Judson for inching me a bit closer to set fact, thanks to this batch of cards I am now only missing ?? more cards from the set.  There's still hope yet that I'll eventually complete the sucker.

Want to help?  Here's what I still need.
2015 Topps Stadium Club Wants:Base:  13, 15, 50, 61, 65, 152, 165, 171, 172, 173, 193, 216, 217, 238, 248, 252, 258, 260, 263, 264, 265, 284, 298, 300

I must say, out of all the Stadium Club cards that Judson sent my way, the best photo was the Puig sunset card...but my favorite card was actually of Jose Altuve - my favorite non-Reds player currently in the big leagues I think.

Next, a couple of regular sized Allen & Ginter cards from this year's set.

The Votto relic is quite nice looking (even if it is a dreaded white swatch of cloth).  The Numbers Game insert set is one that I have finally finished thanks to Judson (and other traders).  Unfortunately, I can't say the same thing about most of the mini inserts from this year's edition of Allen & Ginter.  Once again though, Judson did send some help my way in the form of five more minis for my set.

I think my favorite is the Passenger Train...both because I have always liked trains and because I'm pretty much sick and tired of all things politics right now.

Last, but certainly not least, Judson hooked me up with a pair of Allen & Ginter box toppers.  From this year's set, he sent me Troy Tulowitzki.

Tulo was the final box topper that I needed from 2016 - an amazing feat for me seeing as how I have box toppers lingering on my want list from many different year's worth of Ginter.  Speaking of previous years, the other box topper that Judson sent my way was from last year's set...

That's Angkor Wat - part of the Pride of the People set.  I love this set, though you'd hardly know that seeing as how I'm still missing four more of the cards from the set!

Many thanks Judson for the goodies...sorry it took me nearly three months to get them posted to the blog.  As for anyone else, I'm always willing to trade (and I'll eventually post about the trade as well)...  Just check out my want list and then hit up my email to make an offer.

Merry Christmas Eve to all of you!


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