Monday, January 16, 2017

1996 Upper Deck Collector's Choice: Pack #6: In Which I Pull Back-to-Back Nomos

Today marks the first day of the spring semester.  While I will probably still get a few "first day butterflies" I'm actually really looking forward to the upcoming semester.  This time around, I teaching Calculus I, The Mathematics of Games and Gambling, and a brand new course Mathematics of the Ancient and Modern World.  The history of math class has a travel component to Italy and Greece which I am definitely excited about, but truth be told, I'm just about as excited for the course material itself (it'll be unlike any other course that I've ever taught).

For the first week, we (I'm co-teaching the class) are going to teach the students about the Babylonian number system and their cuneiform...and then we take the students to the art building and they will complete a mathematics assignment using a clay tablet (which will then get fired for them to serve as a bit of a course keepsake).  I anticipate that the students will quickly learn to appreciate our modern conveniences (like pencil and paper) but I also hope they will learn something about how math was done in the ancient world.

All of this has nothing to do with today's pack (or at least, I don't think it will since I haven't opened up the pack yet)...and since you are probably here for baseball cards, let me get to it now.

Pack 6:
29.  Chan Ho Park
96.  Roberto Hernandez
154.  Kurt Abbott
173.  Gary Gaetti

I am not sure I've ever seen that particular hat before.
270.  Hideo Nomo
332.  Hideo Nomo

This was a Nomo hot pack....back-to-back cards of the Dodgers' star.
Trade Card

If you sent this in to Upper Deck (along with $2.00) you would receive a set of 10 cards highlighting the ALCS and NLCS.  Pretty sure it's nothing but trade packing material today unfortunately.
You Make the Play:  1.  Kevin Appier (Pickoff, Lead Runner Out)
Oof.  We may have gotten a pair of stolen bases earlier in the inning (thanks to our ongoing game idea courtesy of Matt S.) but Canseco gets picked off leaning a little too hard to third base.  So much for the chances of a big inning, right?  We still have 2 runs but now there are 2 outs and the bases are empty.
Silver Signatures:
145.  Alan Trammell
276.  Barry Larkin
Yep, I pulled the same Larkin silver signature in back-to-back packs.  It was cool the first time...but I don't need two of this card (since I have no plans to complete the entire silver signature parallel set).

Well, no Babylonians in the pack (probably only Ginter might offer something like that) but I'm still mostly happy with the haul.  I'll have more from this box soon...that is, as long as I can keep up with all my work demands!


JediJeff said...

Classic Negro League throwback sported by Gaetti.

Rare design KC has worn just the one time if I recall.

Hackenbush said...

The Gaetti throwback is a highlight. Good luck with your class. Sounds like fun.

Kin Kinsley said...

I know I had a few of those trade cards and think I traded them in. Ahhhh....memories....

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