Monday, January 23, 2017

1996 Upper Deck Collector's Choice: Pack #12: In Which I Pull Card #1 in the Set!

Today's pack is number 12 in the box...which means we have officially hit the one-third mark.  Don't you miss boxes that crammed 36 packs in them (and with 10 cards per pack to boot)?  I know I do.  Simply holding the box makes me feel like I'm getting my money's worth out of the experience!

Pack 12:
1.  Cal Ripken, Jr.

I don't usually have the best luck at pulling card #1 from a set.  It seems like that number is often lurking on my initial want list when I post it!  As such, I'm happy to nab the #1 card from this set...and I'm even happier to report that it is a sweet Ripken card!
7.  Stat Leaders:  Hideo Nomo & Randy Johnson
15.  John Wasdin
191.  Mike Fetters
239.  Scott Brosius
283.  Allen Battle
306. Deion Sanders

I totally forgot that Deion went from the Reds to the Giants in 1995.  
You Make the Play:  44.  Rondell White (flyout)
In our ongoing game, White's flyout gives us two outs in the top of the second inning with our team currently leading 4-1 (and a runner still on first base).
Silver Signatures:
339.  Roberto Alomar

I like the International Flavor subset cards quite a bit - and the silver signature actually adds to the card in my opinion.
347.  Bob Tewksbury

Not a bad way to end the first third of the box.  I'm super happy with the Cal Ripken, Jr. card most of all.


Kin Kinsley said...

Every time I open an 80s - mid-90s box, I feel like it takes FOREVER because of the more packs and cards per pack!

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