Friday, February 10, 2017

1996 Upper Deck Collector's Choice: Pack #26: In Which I Get the Final Card in the Set

After this pack, we only have one more left in the third quarter of the box.  I think it is a testament to Upper Deck that there is still this much interest in people following along with my slow box rip - I can assure you it's not because my writing is scintillating!

It's now time for pack 26, let's dig in!

Pack 26:
104.  Ozzie Smith
153.  Chris Hammond
190.  Kevin Seitzer

Nice Brewers' card.
260.  Mark Johnson
307.  Joe Rosselli  (a duplicate)
365.  Randy Johnson  (final card in the set!)
You Make the Play:  17.  Tony Gwynn (Groundout)

Gwynn makes the second out in the fifth inning.  Still no one on base with the score remaining 6-4.
Silver Signatures:
59.  Luis Alicea
216.  Mel Rojas
Trade Card:  Divisional Series


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