Monday, February 27, 2017

1996 Upper Deck Collector's Choice: Pack #34: In Which We Find More Awesome Photography

Happy Monday everyone.  At this point last week, I was in the midst of an 18-hour Monday (thanks to "gaining" six hours on my flight back from Barcelona to the US mainland).  It took me the better part of the remaining week to get back to feeling normal...but I think I finally made it!  I'm hoping that means I can resume my normal blogging (and hopefully trading) schedule again - things have been mighty slow here at Nachos Grande after all.

First things first though, I definitely need to finish off this box of 1996 Upper Deck Collector's Choice...I'm anxious to see how close I'll be to the full set when all is said and done.  Only three packs remain, here's one of them now.

Pack 34:
32.  Gene Schall
41.  Marquis Grissom
193.  Matt Mieske

I miss getting images of players like this.  Oh sure, I don't want an entire set full of photos of guys lounging on the grass, but a couple sprinkled throughout the set offers up some needed variety.
259.  Midre Cummings
317.  Andy Benes

Here's proof that even a mundane act like warming up in the bullpen can make for an interesting baseball card if the photo is taken from a good angle.  
330.  Robert Eenhoorn
356.  Al Leiter
You Make the Play:  14.  Ron Gant (Home Run)
Gant's homer makes it 11-5 in the top of the sixth inning (still 2 outs).  I guess I should have made the opponent score two runs per inning rather than only one...that would have made our finale much more exciting!
Silver Signatures:
220.  John Franco

Another interesting photo of a mundane activity (being interviewed for tv).  Card sleuths could probably figure out who is holding the microphone.
316.  Alex Rodriguez

I already pulled A-rod's base card and remarked about how much I liked the image - the silver signature parallel is just as nice (maybe even nicer, I think the silver border works well with this card).

That was a great little pack of cards - so many cool photographs and yet another reminder of why I loved the Collector's Choice line.  I think there is a lot to be said for the fact that I've now opened 34 packs (of 10 cards each) and I am still finding things to love about this set.  How many modern sets can you say that for (especially when you consider that there are no hits of any sort in this set)?!


roddster said...

First off, I love those Brewers jerseys. They wore them in the early 90's for a minute but I loved their look... brings me back to my childhood :)

I really like the Collectors Choice set as well. The photography was amazing, and they had a different fun kind of feel. The embossed autographs are awesome. I wish Topps would steal this idea. I think it makes for an more meaningful parallel.

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