Saturday, February 04, 2017

1996 Upper Deck Collector's Choice: Pack #20: In Which We Find a John Kruk Card That Will Make You Say "Oof"

It feels good to have my third week of teaching for the semester over with already - only twelve more weeks to go!  At the rate things are going, it might be a race to see which gets done faster:  my semester or my box of 1996 Upper Deck Collector's Choice.

After all, I am only on pack #20 (out of 36) from my box of cards.  Let's see what we get this time around.

Pack 20:
81.  Todd Zeile
98.  John Kruk

The first thing that popped into my head when seeing Kruk:  Oof.  This may be a Tribute subset but this photo is in no way a nice tribute to John Kruk.  The pinstripes are not slimming, and the less said about the mullet, the better.  
101.  Roger Clemens
203.  Scott Klingenbeck
207.  Dave Stevens
291.  Brad Ausmus

A simple shot, but I like it.  Somehow the dreary sky seems fitting for the Padres franchise (though not for the city of San Diego which I think of as being perpetually sunny).
302.  Mark Carreon
Mark is our first duplicate base card of the box.  I was definitely hoping to avoid any base duplicates since I aim to put together the full set...getting duplicates won't help my cause at all.
You Make the Play:  28.  Eddie Murray (Groundout)
Murray's groundout ends our bases loaded threat.  We now lead 5-3 heading into the fourth inning of play.
Silver Signatures:
62.  Vaughn Eshelman

Who is he?  No idea but I dig the dugout shot.
265.  Orlando Merced

Overall, not a terrible pack - though the duplicate base card was a bust.  There were a number of neat photographs (plus poor Kruk's).  All told, the pack kept my interest which is saying something now that I'm 20 packs into a box of a set that contains exactly zero "hits" to be found!


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Kruk is beautiful.

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