Saturday, March 11, 2017

Delivery Time! Angels in Order Sends Me Cards to Put in Order

A few days ago, I posted a big list of sets that I have cards available for trade from...and that list included a whole lot of 1996 Upper Deck Collector's Choice cards (mostly silver signature parallels and other inserts).  At roughly the same time, I also posted my own want list for the '96 UDCC set - and that's where Tom from The Angels, in Order comes in.

He quickly messaged me saying that he had a few base cards for my set - and a few days later - viola!  They were in my mailbox.

Of the nine cards that Tom had for me, there were two clear favorites.  First, for reasons that I cannot explain except to say that I simply like the card:  Sterling Hitchcock.

I think that's a night card, possibly even a playoff game - but that's nothing but a guess.  As for the image, I love the lights of the scoreboard being so blurry - the moment seems epic (almost Disney movie-esque) even though it could be nothing more than ball 3 or something.

The second card that caught my eye in the small stack was of Joe Carter.

Again, it's a simple photograph - but it still has a lot of charm and intrigue.  What exactly is Joe talking about?  Who is he talking to?  Does he know that those mesh uniforms will not stand the test of time?

Many thanks to Tom for helping me inch closer to my own set.  As for anyone else, if you have anything from my want list let me know and hopefully we can work something out!


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