Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Delivery Time! A PWE from It's Like Having My Own Card Shop

Let's play a quick game:

Guess how many trade packages are sitting on my desk in my man cave.  That is, guess how many packages have arrived for me but that I have not yet had the time (energy?) to post about?




Did you guess eight?  Because if you did, you'd be correct!



I haven't been nearly as active on the blog as I would like to be - but that hasn't stopped me from completing a few trades here and there.  In fact, almost two months ago I randomly started searching people's want lists just to see if I could send anything there way.  One such person that I had (as it turned out) a single card for was Daniel over at It's Like Having My Own Card Shop.  Daniel posted about what I sent him over a month I think it is high time that I show what he sent me back.

Daniel sent me a smattering of Reds cards in a PWE.  Unlike many of my posts, I'm going to start with my favorite card of the bunch:

That's an awesome Flair Showcase card of Brett Tomko numbered out of (only?) 6000.  I love the Flair set - it's one that I would like to complete someday (but probably never will)...but no matter what, I will treasure this card.  Very cool - and certainly worth giving up some Diamondbacks for!

Daniel also hooked me up with a new (to me) serially numbered Austin Kearns card from 2004 Donruss.

I don't know much about late issued Donruss sets - but I do know that they are fun boxes to rip (usually) least based on what I've done for various group breaks.  The Kearns card has text all about bowling, you don't get that every day either!

The final thing of note was this spring training schedule from 2014.

I've never been to a spring training game (anywhere) but I almost booked a flight out to Arizona this year to see my Reds (and the Indians since they share the same facility).  I was so close to booking the flight, in fact, that I even had my wife's approval.  At the last moment, however, we changed plans (we'll be flying to see my youngest brother in Nebraska instead which is probably a more noble cause).  Still, I do hope to make it to a spring training game (or games) soon...maybe even as early as next year!

Thanks for the great little PWE - and my apologies for how long it took me to post about it (trust me, there are plenty of other packages that have been sitting around for much longer)!  As for anyone else, if you'd like to trade, check out my want list and make an offer!


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