Monday, April 24, 2017

30DayBBCChallenge: Day 17: My First Hand Collated Set

Today's 30 Day Baseball Card Challenge prompt asks:

What is the first hand-collated set you put together?

As a set collector, you would think I would have a firm grasp on my first set that I put together by hand...and yet, I'm actually drawing a blank.  As a kid, I know that I acquired a lot of cards from a lot of different sets, but I never actually finished off (being pre-eBay made set completing much more difficult than it is today).

Thinking it through, I think the first set that I may have completed by hand was actually from 1997:

That's the All-Stars insert set - and I bought an awful lot of Collector's Choice that year in an attempt to finish the set.  Truth be told, this probably isn't my first set - but it was the first set that came to mind that I distinctly remember attempting to complete by it gave me a good excuse to pull out my binder of Collector's Choice and look through the set (that's a win for me since I still love the set today)!

Here are the remaining prompts:


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