Thursday, April 27, 2017

30DayBBCChallenge: Day 19: Outside the United States

Today's prompt is supposed to be my favorite card from outside the United States.  However, I don't actively collect cards from outside the US and so I don't have anything good for the prompt.  That said, I can't let that be my only answer for today, so let's change it up slightly.

A Card Featuring a Country Other than the United States

There, that's better.  I have lots of cards to choose from now!  My favorite cards featuring other countries though come from Allen & Ginter - and among the various insert sets that involve other countries, I think the 2007 50 Flags of All Nations set is my favorite.

This is a set that I've been working on for awhile now (and I'm still not done with it).  For the purposes of today's (changed) prompt, I decided to go with my favorite card that I own from the set that features a country that I haven't yet visited.  The winner?

Love it!  A great flag image with the ship in the background - something showing off Portugal's once mighty fleet of ships.  This is the perfect marriage of good design and historical intrigue that I find so appealing about a lot of Allen & Ginter sets.

There's still a number of 30-Day Baseball Card prompts remaining, here they are:


Fuji said...

A. I love this set. Been trying to track down the Japan card for a decade.
B. Portuguese sausage is one of my favorite things to eat.

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