Sunday, April 23, 2017

Barry Larkin Collection 516: 2000 Bowman's Best - #20

Barry Larkin
Year:  2000
Brand:  Bowman's Best
Card number:  20

The 2000 Bowman's Best brand reminds me much more of a Pacific set than it does a Bowman set (and in my world, that's actually a good thing)!  The front of this card features a pair of images of Larkin - and whole lotta gold/yellow.  The backside gives some weird statistics based on pitcher ERA (who could have ever guessed that Larkin hits better against lousy pitching)?  I do actually like the "best against" bit near the top/center of the card though.  Terry Mulholland is a name I haven't heard in quite some time!

All things considered, I actually kind of like this Bowman card (shhh, don't tell anyone I complimented Bowman).  Of course, that leads me to report that this is one of the few Bowman sets that isn't loaded with parallels...because why would you make parallels of a set with a decent design?!  Oh well, I'm still happy to have this one in my collection...a collection that is now closer to 1,000 unique Larkins than it is to 0 Larkins!


The Lost Collector said...

I don't recognize this set! Love seeing sets from this timeframe that are new to me.

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