Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Barry Larkin Collection 517 - 2000 Fleer Mystique - #40

Barry Larkin
Year:  2000
Brand:  Fleer Mystique
Card number:  40

The 2000 Fleer Mystique set is the second set in the short-lived Mystique brand.  The 1999 Mystique set was quite nice, but the 2000 set didn't live up to expectations (and it wouldn't be long from 2000 when Fleer itself would no longer exist).  Personally, I don't mind the back of this card at all (it's a fairly standard Fleer design) but the front of the card is quite atrocious.  In fact, I hate the "mystique" writing in the background - and the blurry photo with Larkin looking away from the camera doesn't help things at all either.  Tack on the dinkiest team logo you've ever seen on the front of a card and you end up with something that's less "mystique" and more "mistake."


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