Friday, May 05, 2017

Barry Larkin Collection 519: 2000 Metal - #13 - Fusion Insert

Barry Larkin / Sean Casey
Year:  2000
Brand:  Skybox Metal
Insert set:  Fusion
Card number:  13

The 2000 Metal set featured two different Barry Larkin cards (a base card shown here) and this Fusion insert card (which Larkin has to share with Sean Casey).  There is also a third Larkin (an Emerald parallel of the base card, but I don't yet own that one).

As for the card at hand, the Fusion insert set features a pair of players from the same team - a "fusion" of talent if you will.  In the Reds' case, they get the Mayor and Larkin, not a bad pairing at all.  I like the front of the card quite a bit, but the back leaves something to be desired (especially since the player photos are a repeat of the front side of the card).  I must also say that this insert set doesn't feel like it belongs in the Metal set.  It's much too plain (and non-shiny).  Instead, this has more of a Fleer Tradition vibe to it...


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