Tuesday, June 20, 2017

2017 Topps Bunt: Highlights from Packs 7 - 12

I'm going to try and fly through the recaps for the box of 2017 Topps Bunt.  After all, this was a mostly "filler" box designed to make sure that every team ended up with a nice mix of cards from the break.  As with the post from earlier today (packs 1-6), I'm going to look at six packs at once and simply show off all the inserts and parallels.

First up, the one-per-pack blue parallels:

The Dodgers pick up two blue parallels in the six packs.  I think a team like the Dodgers look much better in the all blue parallel than say a team like the Athletics.

This time around, we landed two Program cards and two Perspective cards.  First, the Programs:

Not a lot to say about these that I didn't already say in the previous post.  I think the concept is good but the execution of this set leaves something to be designed (in my mind at least).

The Perspective cards were also a bit of a mixed bag this time:

Oh sure, that Ted Williams card is pretty cool...but Martin Prado in the same insert set?  I'm not so sure about that.  I'm also not really sure what the point of this insert set is (other than to shoe horn some baseball legends into the product I guess).

The last of the inserts were two more Infinite cards.

The "ghosting" effect used on the players on the cards is a bit unsettling, but otherwise at least these cards look different from the other cards in the packs.  I still like the team stadiums at the bottom...reminds me of a more modern version of 1992 Topps card backs (and I mean that in a good way since I like the 1992 set).

And finally, two more of the Bunt code cards.

At this point, we've made it through the first third of the box.  24 more packs to go - and I promise that there are some serially numbered parallels yet to come (by chance, I didn't grab any of those packs in the first twelve).  See you soon.


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