Wednesday, June 21, 2017

2017 Topps Bunt: Highlights from Packs 25 - 30 (Another Green Parallel #/99)

After this post there will be only one more for the Topps Bunt box and then it will be on to the final box of the group break!  However, before we get to our second box of Topps Archives, we need to keep progressing through the giant Topps Bunt box!

Here are the highlights from the next six packs:

Packs 25 - 30:

As usual, we begin with the blue parallels since they are one per pack.

The Mets now have three blue parallels from the box (tying them with the ).  Our leaders are the Cubs with four blue parallels thanks to the Heyward and the Dodgers also with four thanks to the Urias in this set of packs.

We found two more Bunt code cards giving us a total of 10 of those.

Each code card is supposed to be able to be redeemed for $25 worth of free coins...makes me wonder about that math though since there's no way a box of Bunt will ever cost $250 (and we may find even more code cards in the final six packs).  Weird.

Looking at some of the other inserts, we found two more Infinite cards.

I'm sure the Bryant card is fairly sought after by Cubs collectors!

Speaking of Cubs collectors, this will probably make Trevor happy (since he claimed the Cubs):

That's the first Cubs Program insert of the box so far.

The last of the inserts this time around were two more Perspectives cards.

Once again, these are sort of odd "staring at nothing" photographs...and yet, I don't actively hate them.  The Quintana, in particular, is actually a little amusing...

While that was a decent haul for six packs, we found one more prize...our second green parallel of the box!

As I said, that is our second green parallel which is impressive since the green parallels are seeded a stingy 1:32 packs!  The Kuechel is numbered 66/99 - and it's a great hit for Bru and the Astros!

Six more packs remain to be shown from the Topps Bunt box and then it'll be on to the final box of the break.  Thanks for reading along with me as I go through this mountain of cards!


Bru said...

Double nice.

Trevor P said...

Happy indeed. The first half of this box was a little shaky for me, but everything is turning up blue now!

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