2017 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box 1 - Part 3

This is it, the final eight packs out of my first box of 2017 Topps Allen & Ginter.

Packs 17 - 24:

The final eight packs included two more of the stupid stamped Rediscover Topps cards.  That's a total of four in the box, way too many.  I also noticed that the cards had different colored foil stamps - probably some sort of artificial rarity (but really, how rare is a 1991 Topps card anyhow)?!  Dumb if you ask me.

Less dumb are the various minis and their parallels.  My final eight packs had six such minis - three regular backs, two A&G backs (including a short print of Lance McCullers), and a single black bordered mini.

That leaves two minis unaccounted for (both of which ended up being of the mini insert variety).  The first one was my second World's Dudes card of the box.

This is the Egyptian Sultan Dude, another pretty cool card (and very retro).

The other mini was my first Required Reading card.

The card features The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli - a book that I never read (so much for "required").  A pretty nice little set though - I like the concept anyhow.

I pulled four What a Day inserts and four other regular sized inserts including another World's Fair card (the fifth of the box), another Revolutionary Battle card (my second of the box), and two more Sport Fish & Fishing Lures cards (giving me five for the box).

And to conclude the box?  My third hit:

That's Adam Jones of the Orioles looking mad at having a plain white bit of cloth count as a hit.

That does it for the first box - certainly not a bad start to my 2017 Ginter experience.  I'm liking the insert cards quite a bit - and pulling the Larkin base card in my first box was certainly appreciated as well.  I still have four more boxes to rip, so expect even more Ginter goodies soon!