Monday, July 24, 2017

2017 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box 5: Packs 17 - 24

This is it, the final eight packs from my purchase of five boxes of 2017 Topps Allen & Ginter.  I'm definitely wishing I had had the cash to buy a few more boxes, this year's set is great.  However, I'm still happy with what I did get...and let's see the final few cards from my purchase.

Box 5:
Packs 17 - 24:

You knew I'd show off the fish cards first.  The sailfish card is particularly cool, though even the Yellowfin Tuna card looks nice.  The mixing of the fish and the lure works particularly well - I still love this set and I haven't tired of it despite getting five cards from the set per box!

Another set I haven't tired of is the World's Dudes set.

I admit that when I saw this was the "large" mini set, I wasn't overly enthused.  But seeing the cards in hand (and reading the interesting backs of them) has completely changed my mind.  The set is awesome and I'm definitely going to work hard to try and track down all the cards that I'm missing from the set.

On the other hand, the Magicians and Illusionists set sounded interesting when I first saw the checklist but I find the actual cards to be less inspiring than expected.

I'm not sure why exactly (the write-ups on the back are perfectly fine).  I guess the set doesn't really feel all that different than some of the other sets Topps has done in the past.

One set that is quite different is the constellations mini set.

These are cool in that you get a glow-in-the-dark representation of the constellation on the front of the card.  The card back gives you a bit of information about the constellation and the stars that make up the constellation.  Once again, Topps has exceeded my expectations with this mini set!

And finally, my third hit of the box and the final card of my five box break:

Yep, another full size relic card.  At least this one has a blue strip to add a bit of variety and interest to it.

That does it for my purchase of 2017 Allen & Ginter.  Given the high prices of boxes at the moment, I don't see myself buying any more for awhile.  That means it is time to trade - so hit me up if you have any cards that I need and hopefully we can work something out!


night owl said...

I wholeheartedly agree on this year's Ginter. Lots of good stuff. I may have some stuff to trade you, I just have to decide what I'm doing with this set. I don't want to collect it, but some of the stuff (particularly the dudes) is too interesting.

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