Barry Larkin Collection 539: 1990 SCD Baseball Card Price Guide Monthly - #46

Barry Larkin
Year:  1990
Brand:  SCD Baseball Card Price Guide Monthly
Card number:  46

This is another one of those magazine cards that someone else cut out for me...quite honestly, I no longer recall how I ended up in possession of this card but it's a nice little oddball for my Barry Larkin Collection.  You can tell the card is from a price guide since the backside of the card contains card "values" for some of Barry Larkin's cards of the time.  I don't think you could get $3.50 for a 1987 Donruss card of Larkins today...and I'm sure you couldn't get that much for one back in 1990 but who cares, value!  One thing the card did get right is that Larkin was indeed a long-term superstar (even if his cards don't go for a superstar premium usually).  For me, as a Barry Larkin collector, I'm perfectly fine with Larkin's cards staying affordable...if they weren't, how else would I add to my collection?!