Delivery Time: Another Original Allen & Ginter Card from 1889!

A few years ago, I stumbled across an auction that had an original Allen & Ginter card from the 1889 set 50 Fish from American Waters.  I bought that card, and from there I decided that I'd make a long-term attempt to complete the entire set.

Well, I'm still not done with the set - but thanks to a new eBay purchase I'm officially only five cards away from completion (in other words, I now own 90% of a 50 card set that was released in 1889).  As a lover of baseball cards (and cards in general), that's a cool thing that I never thought I'd be able to say!

So what card pushed me to the 90% completion mark?

It was the Perch.

I'm now only five cards away from completion - the missing five cards:

  • Bluefish
  • Carp
  • Rock Blackfish
  • Sardine 
  • Striped Bass

It's been a fun process - and since I don't care about the condition of the card I'm super happy landing a card here and there (even one creased like the Perch I bought).  If you are interested in this type of thing, I have a full page dedicated to my collection of the 50 Fish from American Waters set.


  1. I used to go fishing for perch and walleye every summer with my dad and grandfather - awesome catch!


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