Thursday, August 17, 2017

Check Out My Cards: Want List Destruction (Part 4)

Welcome back to another post showing off cards from my recent Check Out My Cards purchase.  A big goal of my purchase was to finish off as many sets as I could afford.  I also hoped to inch closer on some of the many, many sets that I wouldn't be able to finish.

One set that I've been working more diligently on as opposed to most is the 2007 Allen & Ginter pair of mini inserts.  The Roman Emperor set has only ten cards in it - but they are fairly tough to track down.

I was able to grab one of the remaining five that I needed for my set which leaves me missing only four more.  That's not too bad considering the set is a decade old and I really only started working on it this year.

One of the other mini sets from 2007 that I'm working on still is the Flags of All Nations set.

I was able to knock five more cards off my want list there (and this is a much larger set, 50 cards in total).  For this set, I'm now only missing 19 cards, which are as follows:
8 Canada
12 Costa Rica
14 Dominican Republic
22 Iceland
23 India
24 Indonesia
25 Ireland
26 Israel
29 Jamaica
30 Japan
32 Mexico
34 Netherlands
36 Norway
38 Peru
39 Philippines
41 Puerto Rico
45 Taiwan
49 United Kingdom
50 United States of America
Of the five countries that I was able to acquire this time around, my favorite has to be Italy.  It's also the only country of the five that I've actually been to.  I've actually been to Italy twice, but never in Pisa (and so I've never seen the Leaning Tower in person).  I also have to say it's a bit odd that Belgium's card simply features a map whereas every other card that I've seen from the set features some sort of imagery that is related to the country.  I guess Topps was like "what does Belgium have, anyone know?  No.  Okie then, let's put a map there."

The final Allen & Ginter card from my purchase is a box loader from the 2013 A&G Wonders of the World set.

I'm only missing four more cards from that set - though I have to admit that since most of the cards have super grainy images I'm less enthusiastic about tracking them down as I am the minis from 2007.

I have only three cards remaining to show off from my COMC purchase - and they are an interesting three.  Of the remaining cards, I would say that I have yet to show my favorite card out of the entire purchase...and what is probably my least favorite card as well.  Stay tuned, you'll see both soon enough!


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