Friday, August 18, 2017

Check Out My Cards: Want List Destruction (Part 5)

We've made it to the end of another week...and in this week's case, the end of my recent Check Out My Cards purchase.  From my original order of 37 cards, we are down to the final three!

Let's start with the worst card of the final three...and probably the worst card of the entire order.

That's a very dull, exceedingly boring card of David Dellucci.  A boring player for a boring team...but I'm collecting the 1999 Pacific Aurora set and the price was right for this card that I needed (only 65 cents).

Moving on to the more exciting cards - here's the final set that I was able to complete thanks to my order.

That's the All-Star insert set from the 2013 edition of Topps Archives.  Cal had eluded me for about four years...but he's mine now and with it, I can close the book on the All-Star insert set.

I can't, however, quite yet close the door on the entire 2013 Topps Archives set since I'm still working on a few of the other insert sets.  One of which is one of my favorite insert sets of the 2010s:  Gallery of Heroes.

I was able to grab one more that I needed...which is impressive since these cards are virtually nonexistent in trade packages!  Of course, I am still missing's my full want list in case you want to prove my previous statement wrong about there not being any Gallery of Heroes cards in trade packages.
2013 Topps Archives:Gallery of Heroes:  BR, CR, DJ, MC, MR, MT, RC, SK, TW, YB
1972 Basketball Design:  JB (Johnny Bench)
That does it for the COMC order.  It was fun to search around and see how many sets I could complete while staying under my budget.


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