Friday, August 11, 2017

Delivery Time! Contest Winnings from Collecting Cutch!

Back in the early part of the summer, Brian (from Collecting Cutch) held a contest where he asked people to show off their Top 10 cards of the player they collect.  The main prize of the contest was a nice Craig Biggio autograph patch card from some sort of high end set.  While I didn't in the contest (or the Biggio), I think I actually made out even better by the consolation prize that Brian sent out!

Brian sent me a smattering of Reds including three nice ones from the Panini 2016 Diamond Kings set.

For my money, that Todd Frazier Aficionado insert is a nice, nice looking card.  If only Panini had the right to use team logos...I think I'd buy that set in a heartbeat.

However, the meat of the prize package consisted of a couple of special cards.  First, a Topps Tier One relic of Joey Votto numbered out of 399.

Joey has been having an outstanding season for a Reds team that is borderline historically bad this year.  In fact, if it weren't for Votto I don't know if the Reds would have anyone worth watching on a daily basis.  The future does not look good for my beloved least not for the next couple of years.

What is looking bright though is my Barry Larkin Collection and that's because Brian found a new relic for my collection...

That's an awesome card - and one that I'll feature in my ongoing Barry Larkin Collection series before too long.

Thanks for all the great cards, Brian (and thanks for holding the contest).  It's always fun to get new cards in the mail...and it is even better when that package holds a new Barry Larkin relic!


Collecting Cutch said...

I didn't realize that I never commented to this post. You are very welcome. I'm glad I could help out with the Larkin collection.

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