Friday, September 29, 2017

1999 Pacific: Does Everyone Still Hate Barry Bonds?

Sometimes I don't have anything particularly witty, clever, or even interesting to write as an intro for a pack rip.  Today is one such let's let the cards do all the talking.

Pack 29:
43.  Michael Tucker
77.  Mo Vaughn
181.  Matt Mantei
242.  Jose Valentin
264.  Wilton Guerrero
270.  Fernando Seguignol

The image variation cards of rookies that never amounted to much are quite boring to pull.  Unfortunately, 1999 Pacific is full of rookies like that.
319.  Miguel Tejada
378.  Barry Bonds

Does everyone still hate Bonds?
384.  Jose Mesa
427.  Roberto Kelly

Twenty-nine packs to go!


Jon said...

Yes, I believe Barry is still almost universally disliked. And I can't imagine that there's going to be a change in opinion, anytime soon.

Doe M.G. said...

What he said.

CaptKirk42 said...

Oh wow I just realized it is the 10 year anniversary since the Barry Bonds Circus. I think I will forever hate him because he "broke" the record against my Nats in San Fran. and the game was paused for a 30 minute "In your face Nationals" celebration. (minimum might have been longer). As a Nationals fan I do find it fun that the Nationals actual won that game 8-6. I find it quite ironic that then the next night everything was practically back to normal as if the circus had never been to town.

I had to check my regular blog to get the score ( At the time I wasn't card blogging yet, just regular blogging and I sensed I blogged about the series since Bonds had tied the record the night before the Giants vs Nationals series started.

Fuji said...

I'd never become a super fan or anything... but I enjoyed watching him back in the day... and have picked up a few of his cards over the years.

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